Movie Challenge Day 28 - Best Movie Soundtrack

Music to me is right up there with film and books when it comes to obsessing over the story. (500) Days of Summer is practically a music video, which makes sense since the director, Marc Webb, started off being an amazing music video director. Every song in the movie adds to show the gravity of the situation. The scene in which Regina Spektor’s Hero narrates Tom finding out about Summer’s marriage is the most haunting and depressing thing I’ve ever seen. Every time I get goosebumps without fail. The scene after Tom spends the night with Summer, Hall & Oates’ She Makes My Dreams captures Tom’s happiness perfectly, added with a spontaneous musical number with cartoon birds, ah! Love it! The Smiths are the reason Summer first spoke to Tom, their mutual love of a band that plays heartbreaking music encompasses their entire relationship in the end. My favorite song of all time, The Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition, is on this soundtrack as well. It never fails to make me happy and the movie definitely got points from me for using it at such a perfect scene in the movie. Every song from Mumm-Ra’s infatuating melody She’s Got You High to the lovely and hopeful Quelqu’un m’a Dit by Carla Bruni, they encompass the beautiful relationship that Summer and Tom had to when it was nothing more than a hurtful abyss. 

One more I urge you to love this movie as much as I do :)

500 days of summer the smiths favorite movie 30 day movie challenge day 28

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